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Philips SHS8100/10 Earhook Headphones Review

Philips SHS8100/10 Earhook Headphones


Every product in the world has advantages and disadvantages and there is no perfect product for anybody.


These headphones are of the in ear sealed type. They have a much lower frequency response that regular earbuds and even the large over the ear type and so sound exceptional. However it is critical that an airtight seal is formed between the driver and your ear canal. Without this seal, the bass tones fall away to the point where they are inaudible. This is why 3 different sizes of rubber seal are supplied. If you want to utilise the full capabilities of these headphones, spending some time ensuring an airtight seal is vital.


The over ear clip has an advantage over non-clip models because the clip adds one extra level of security to keep the driver in the ear with a proper seal.


Every one has different requirements but in my opinion the sound quality is well worth the effort required to secure an airtight seal and occasionally push the drivers back in as they slip out.


I bought these to replace the stock headphones that came with my new iphone and have not been disappointed.


This is a steal at this price and I am considering buying a few extra pairs for backup.


N.B. The key specification in selecting a pair of headphones is the frequency range, in this case 6 – 23000 Hz. I have learnt that for a good bass response, a low end of less than 10 Hz is essential. As this specification is rarely mentioned on product pages (unfortunately including Amazon) make sure you check this spec before buying any headphones ever. It may be worth going into a shop to read the information on the boxes. You will be amazed how many pairs of expensive ‘premium’ headphones do not satisfy this criteria.


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