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Nice tablet, but does it play HD video?

As mentioned in a previous article the main purpose of the tablet is the consumption of (online) content and one of the major types of content is video. This is in fact why I would never recommend an iPad or iPad 2. There is just no point in surfing the internet these days if video can not be played in the browser.

I have an iPhone which I like very much as a phone. I do not expect when surfing the net on the iPhone to be able to see ‘all of the web’ as it is only a portable device and at present, one simply cant demand everything of mobile devices. On a tablet however, a machine designed specifically for accessing media and surfing the web, I expect not only the ability to play video in the browser but also HD video. The iPad can do neither.

However it would seem, while other tablets can play video in the browser, HD video is still a problem. With the vast amount of HD video available, this seems a shame. The tablets I tested were the HP Touchpad, Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry Playbook.

Of all these tablets, ONLY the blackberry playbook was able to play HD video in the browser without stuttering and jerking. Surprisingly, even the HP Touchpad which is a relatively new product was incapable of doing this. In fact, the whole experience on the Touchpad was unbelievably laggy.  I hear that there is a software update that helps this but that is the experiencec I had with it.

So in conclusion, even with all the bad press the Playbook has received since launch, it is still the only one that I would buy if I really needed a tablet today.


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This entry was posted on 8 August, 2011 by in Technology.
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