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I have been wondering why the latest WebOS gadget, the pre 3 was launched in the UK yesterday without a hint of fanfare from HP. There was hardly a word about it in the press either. In fact, if you weren’t looking out for it, you wouldn’t even had known.

This is a far cry from 16 months ago when HP boasted about it’s acquisition of the dying Palm and its WebOS. It was a happy day for the WebOS faithful as perhaps just maybe this wonderful operating system was going to have the money and know how behind it to make it a player in the mobile device market.

Palm spent quite a few years developing this OS, and then a couple making a hash of it by sticking it into sub par hardware, locking it into a single provider (O2 in the UK) and not marketing it enough. HP has now spent over a year….wait for it…put it into sub par hardware and not marketed it enough. No locking into a provider this time but probably more because no provider wanted it than any decision by HP.

It is really annoying how people ruin great things. Who makes these decisions at these companies? What calibre of business men are coming out of our schools who are capable of taking something that is good and flogging it until it bleeds and dies. It is borderline evil.

And so a great OS dies a painful death. Today HP has announced that it will discontinue operations for WebOS devices. This explains the lacklustre launch of the Pre 3.  All this leaves just one burning question that shows how different things could have been:

Nokia……………..why didn’t you buy Palm?


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This entry was posted on 18 August, 2011 by in Technology.
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