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Ford Ka Mk2 Subwoofer teardown and pinout

I was cleaning the car the other day and decided to take the subwoofer apart. The information would be of assistance to persons who either want to add the subwoofer to their sound systems or use the wiring to install an upgraded sub. All things considered it is quite a well designed unit and is a good match for the power of the Ka head unit.

The enclosure:
Plastic held together with a bunch of Phillips head screws, single port bass-reflex. Thankfully no glue or tape.

It’s a Dual Voice Coil driver of some size or the other, it was so small I couldn’t be bothered to measure it. Made in Italy. No information on it but it looks well made. Foam acoustic suspension so be prepared to replace this in a few years.

This is integrated into the enclosure protected by a 10A fuse. Powered by a single integrated circuit TDA8567. This is a 40W x 2 Channel amplifier IC designed specifically for car audio applications. You can find data sheets for this popular IC on google. The circuit board also includes an electronic low pass filter.

I have quite a bit of electronics experience which I have used to figure out the pinout for the connector using only a cheap multimeter. The pinout as far as I can see is:

1 – (-)input Left
2 – (+) input Left
3 – (+)12V
4 – Remote turn on signal
5 – (-)12V
6 – Remote turn on signal
7 – (+) input Right
8 – (-) input Right

Refer to the diagram below (one of the pictures) for the pin layout.

**DISCLAIMER*** I am not liable for your use or inability to use any of the information I have provided. So….if you use any of the information here and mash up anything in your car, its your fault not mine.















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