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Windows 8 Experiment – Day 3 – Trying to do some actual work.

Well this is going to be a short section. Today I tried to use windows 8 for actual work, collaborating on writing a windows phone app. It was only when trying to do some actual work which required concentration did the start screen which seemed so harmless before, became a hideous distraction. It is just so much harder to start programs using the new system. Instead of just opening a start menu, pressing the windows key completely blows away the whole desktop and suddenly presents the user with a massive blue background with massive icons where your desktop application was just moments before.

It is a problem that is hard to predict when doing UI design. The problem is that switching between the desktop and the start screen is a jarring experience for both the eyes and the mind and it takes a few seconds to reprogram the brain from working with precision intelligent controls to big, dare I say dumbed down icons and menus.

This was not a good experience at all and I find myself wishing that the new start screen did not exist. I see why Microsoft wishes to force everyone to use the start screen. By doing this it will build momentum, even if artificial for the new start screen with all its apps and widgets. This is a bit risk as while many users will go along with it, others will use it as an opportunity to forego windows 8 altogether or see this as an ideal time to try Linux or MacOS.

I am keeping windows 8 a while longer by at this moment I feel that I need a serious work machine and not a gimmicky toy.


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