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My Wireless Keyboard Design

Today I decided to go shopping for a new keyboard for my media centre. The current Lenovo one which I have is not working as well as it once did. The reception is intermittent and the “L” key needs to be pressed very hard to register. As ususal when I go shopping I never find anything I like but this time I decided to design my own. Here it is:

I have decided to integrate two Trackpoint © devices. The central red one is dedicated to pointing just like on a typical Thinkpad laptop. The blue one however is dedicated to scrolling. The user can therefore switch between pointing and scrolling or even do both at once. There are two semi-circular buttons under the red pointer which can be pressed with the thumb of either hand.

The keyboard is a split one with each side having its own spacebar, much like that on the Nokia 6820 which I enjoyed very much for the time I had it. To finish it off, there is a volume control to the right of the scroll pointer. The buttons on the left can be user configurable (brightness?). Finally there are two LEDs at the top, one for power and one for caps lock.


4 comments on “My Wireless Keyboard Design

  1. Richmond
    16 April, 2016

    So? Are you getting this actually made up and marketted? If so would be glad of link as tempted to buy one.

    • Kelvin VynZ Vine
      22 April, 2016

      Hi there. Sorry no plans to develop this into a working device.

  2. Exactly what I’m looking for, maybe you would like to put it on to kick starter 🙂

    • Kelvin VynZ Vine
      22 April, 2016

      Hi. Sorry no plans to develop this further 😦

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