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Galaxy Gear – Stuck in reverse

Rumours have been floating about the internet for the last few months lifting expectations for the Samsung smart watch. Of particular interest was the speculation that the smart watch would use flexible display technology recently showcased by the company way back in January of 2013 and indeed some of the fan-generated renders looked very promising. Here are a few examples of what was expected.

Source – Metro Uk

Source – Sammobile

And……………….this is what we got:

Source – Engadget


Alas the big day had arrived and the galaxy gear is out, but with a lot less of a bang than expected. Instead of ground-breaking flexible display technology the device resembles a shrunken down galaxy smartphone with a strap attached. Dreadful looks aside, the ergonomics of having a flat solid device strapped to curved limb is never going to be comfortable.

The question therefore is where is the innovation? The final design of the galaxy gear could be excused if it was the first of its kind; iteration 1 but it is not. Similar designs have already been around for years. Probably the most notable of these was the 6th generation iPod nano which could be attached to a wrist strap and mimicked the user interface of the larger apple touch devices. This was three years ago.

There is absolutely nothing impressive about the galaxy gear. It is a very ordinary device with a medicore design and a stupidly high price tag. Other smart watches are currently available which are better, and are not limited to working with only 2 specific mobile phones. The Sony SmartWatch™ and the Pebble both are already available and beat the Galaxy Gear at almost everything.


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This entry was posted on 4 September, 2013 by in Technology.
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