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My returned HTC One

In an earlier blog, I complained about the state of the HTC One which was given to me. After a lot of written shouting and three weeks away from me, it has been returned in what is a slightly better state. In all fairness to HTC, here is the repaired phone in a series of before and after shots.

Rear scratch before:

Rear scratch after: gone and the anodisation is much more uniform on all surfaces.

Top before:

Top after: perfectly joined.

Sim tray before:

Sim tray after: a minor but noticeable improvement especially the eject hole. No more bulging either.

Bottom before:

Bottom after: same gap but the mic hole is much better.

The damage THEY did before:

The damage THEY did after: not repaired. Shame.

And most importantly, the phone is stilll twisted, but a lot less. I am not even going to waste time taking a picture of the twist.

Am I satisfied? Well first I had a phone that looked like it had been made with a box cutter and was twisted. Now I have phone with an almost perfect back case but is still twisted and has damage to the front. So no, I am not satisfied.

Am I going to send it back again? No, I have had enough of this, but I will protest with my wallet next time I am buying a phone.


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This entry was posted on 29 September, 2013 by in Technology.
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