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The last of the Vaio Line

I am not a Sony fan boy and the only Vaio product I own is a mouse. However the news that Sony is selling its Vaio line of desktop and laptop pcs genuinely makes me sad because I have owned some great Vaio products in the past and despite the little niggles in their product line which made me not buy one this year, to be honest nobody else makes anything better either.

The Sony products that I do own however whilst not perfect either, do share a few features in common. These features are ergonomic design, ease of use, stand out good looks, durability and reliability. I still own and use regularly a Sony camera from 2006, a TV set and a pair of Bluetooth headphones from 2008, a second hand home theatre system which dates from the early 2000s.

These positive attributes have been faithfully carried over into the Vaio products I have owned. My Vaio SZ420n lasted from 2006 to 2012 and I had given it away when the display finally died. A Vaio FW11E belonging to a close family member bought in 2008 also still works perfectly despite being dropped a number of times.

These traits are all very good for the consumer, but perhaps it has not been so good for SONY. After all it is only because their product have been so good that I have not needed to buy a SONY product for years. Perhaps then companies like Sony who take pride in their products and make an effort to release something that actually works as it should are destined to be overtaken by the hordes of companies which churn out another half-baked product every 3 months with 80% of the advertised features working and depending on the hype factor to create a wave of sales which they ride until the next big hype.


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This entry was posted on 9 February, 2014 by in Technology.
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