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Packaging gone wild

A man on the internet became frustrated and fed up with the postal system destroying items he was trying to ship. He was particularly distressed when a valuable pair of Oakley sunglasses were returned to him with the box crushed and the glasses damaged. Now Oakley X-metal glasses are made of titanium and are very strong. The forces to which the package was subjected to were so great that a permanent imprint of the glasses was left in the felt lining the inside of the case containing it.

Here is a picture of the crushed box:


Here is the popped airbag from the inside:


Here you can see the impression of his glasses left on the inside of the soft vault:


These glasses are strong, but not infinitely so. They no longer sit straight either on his face or on the stand:


So when the time came to ship these back for repair, he made some improvements to the box:


It is now wooden held together with hot-glue and 2 inch wood screws. First a layer of bubble wrap is inserted:


Then the glasses:



Followed by another layer of bubble wrap:


The lid is then placed on the top secured by 4 dowels and the panel which opens is clearly marked::


On all sides:


It is then placed in an ordinary looking envelope:


Wrapped, and customer number label placed on ALL 6 SIDES!!!


He thinks that King Kong himself could not get it wrong this time!!!


One comment on “Packaging gone wild

  1. idohbite
    26 June, 2015

    I did enjoy this post hahahaha

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