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Finally some smartphone sense…and it took Sony to do it


What Sony did to the camera market by releasing the Sony A7rII it has just done for the smartphone market by announcing the new Z5 range of smartphones. In a recent video Marques Brownlee said out loud what we have all been thinking for years; that all smartphone flagships always seem to lack that one feature of have that one flaw which makes it a deal breaker for some buyers. Yes we all know why companies do it, so that they can fix that flaw in the next version and therefore keep people buying new phones.

With the A7rII, Sony seems to have dispensed with this short sighted methodology which makes money in the short term but has the long term effect of aggravating customers to the point where they move to another brand. In the Z5, Sony has thrown literally everything into the device that was possible. It has a battery you don’t need to charge several times a day (looking at you apple), an excellent camera, fingerprint reader, NFC, waterproof, stereo speakers and the list goes on.

Congratulations also to Sony for finally understanding the smartphone market. Not everyone wants a gargantuan phablet but in recent years if you wanted top of the range specs, you had to buy the flagship which was invariably akin to carrying around a number plate with you in your pocket. With the Z5 series, Sony has included identical specs in all of them, except of course for the screen size. So  if you wanted a speced out phone without the size you now for the first time in years have that option.

Now I can finally upgrade my iPhone 5s!


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This entry was posted on 3 September, 2015 by in Technology.
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