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My rolling cheeseboard – by someone who knows nothing about cheese

Welsh Slate Cavern Aged Cheddar

Much creamier than it looks, given the blue wax covering. Samantha thinks its ‘very creamy’ even ‘over the top creamy’ yet mature. Had a very mild taste i think. It held together well when sliced with no tendency to crumble apart. The blue wax separated very easily from the cheese. Went very well with peppered ham in a sandwich.IMG_8608IMG_8595IMG_8593

Chilli Marble

Wow this cheese is spicy!Yes, it’s called Chilli Marble but I didnt expect this much chilli! What can I say, it is hot, but with a creamy backgrouond. I dont taste any ‘cheddar’ flavour at all, just chilli and cream. It’s not bad, I like it. I don’t know how it wil go with other elements in a sandwich, I feel the chilli might over power everything else. Samantha’s reaction was “Ackkk THATS HOT!”

DSC07942 DSC07937


Update: After 3 days of eating this stuff my gut has had enough. Trips to the toilet have become a bit…strained. I have decided to use the rest of it at once in a dish of macaroni and cheese.




YUMMY this is my favorite cheese so far! So soft, buttery and creamy it can be eaten all on its own. Its soft enough to be spreadable especially on fresh warm bread where it goes well with just a little butter. Alternatively, it complements and adds to the flavour of sandwiches. I put it in a wrap with chicken tikka and it tasted amazing. This stuff goes with anything.




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